Our farm

Our farm began just after the Revolutionary War with a land grant singed by Patrick Henry.  The original owners constructed a dam in Reed Creek to power a sawmill.  The farmhouse, known as The Mansion House, in the property records was constructed in 1840 with a major addition completed about 1890.  We are in the process of restoring the Mansion House and rehabilitating the farm after a long period of economic decline and benign neglect.


The farm consists of 225 total acres.  Approximately 100 acres of cross-fenced pasture along with several permanent watering points serve as a resort for grass-fed beef cattle.  We have ninety acres of deciduous forest and thirty five acres of pine groves.  Hiking trails meander throughout the farm offering views of mountain vistas, the New River, Reed Creek, and two spring-fed ponds.  

We are raise mangalitsa pigs.  Several times a year, we have piglets for sale and offer gourmet pasture-raised pork. 


Like the original owners, we have a sawmill and offer custom sawing.   Fortunately, modern technology makes our sawwmill portable and hydraulic power helps speed up the process.   We offer portable sawmilling services both on the farm and at your site.  Once the wood has had a chance to air-dry, we can dry it in the region's only vacuum kiln.